Thursday, April 7, 2011

Pregnant in Heels?

I'm still trying to get over you saying you can't wait for hot weather. That's a 180 for you! Welcome! Love the bathing suits AND the prices. Done and done. Maybe I can copy that pesto recipe from you when I come to NYC next. We don't use our food processor enough and that photo looks delish!

So I watched Bravo's new show Pregnant in Heels last night. It's.... interesting. I'm sure this isn't a new or profound thought, but if you didn't know anything about NYC except what you saw on reality tv, you would think it was a city full of really rich and REALLY neurotic people (ie. Bethenney Frankel, whom I love). Obviously that isn't the case, but these kinda people do make for good tv and Bravo has the market on it.

My favorite part of the first episode is the couple who decided to have a focus group for their potential baby names... all of this after they gathered a group of 'specialists' to come up with names: a poet, linguist, baby name blogger, etc. After the specialist panel and focus group, they brought the names to their closest friends and in the end, they chose the name that no one liked: Bowen. Hysterical. The mom-to-be is a branding expert and really wanted to make sure her baby had a good name for his 'brand'.

The show isn't great and Rosie Pope the 'Baby Conceirge' has a really odd accent/speech impediment that I find distracting, but let's face it, I'll probably keep watching it.

What are you watching these days besides Beekman and Emily Henderson?



  1. Lady D - time and time again it seems that you are my TV soul mate! I too caught this yesterday and was so baffled by her accent/impediment that I had to look her up to confirm that she is in fact British, but I don't think that fully explains it. I too will likely keep watching... xo

  2. Oh Lori, I wish we were neighbors! I'm so glad you think her speech is off a bit too. I was so focused on it. I'm also really glad that the other mama is so in love with her newborn son, because I was really worried!

  3. Me too! and ditto on the other mama... I really liked Dr. Ryan and was glad that they took to him, bc at first I thought it was a disaster (I fall for promos).

  4. Just google 'rose pope accent'. We weren't alone in our confusion!

  5. I have not seen the show myself -- sadly, we do not get Bravo in Kathmandu! -- but the maternity concierge phenomenon is a growing trend. My good friend just started her own business in Chicago (but can serve clients anywhere!). Check out her website if you are curious what this is all about: