Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Making My Own Summer

Hi Deweese,

I think I'm with all the other bloggers out there.. I'm really ready for warm weather. Which is definitely weird coming from a New Hampshire-ite like me. Speaking of home, I'm loving the NYTimes piece on beloved Louisville! I always love reading the "36 Hours" articles (one helped Nick and I pick our honeymoon destination!). And, D, let's be real, you grew up in a really awesome place. I'm not gonna lie, saying, "yeah, I've been to the Derby a couple of times" to my Northern friends definitely makes me feel a wee bit cooler than the rest.

Anyway, back to the warm weather bit. I usually hate the dead heat of summer, but this year, man, I cant wait. I've got some fabulous trips planned including one with YOU to the OBX (Whoop!) and another to visit Nick's extended family in his parent's home state of Florida. I've never been to see his Grandma's house, and so I am really excited. Nick and I are flying to FL, but his parents are meeting us there via the Auto Train... which I think would be so fun to do someday!

So anyway I did two things yesterday to help satisfy my summertime cravings:

1. I bought two new bathing suits! D, as you know, I struggle with committing to clothing purchases (especially online)... so that may come as a shock. But so should these prices! Under $20 for a Land's End Canvas one-piece suit?! I'm hoping the quality is just as good Land's End Regular. I'll let you know if one (or the other!) work out! Check 'em out:

Images via: Lands End Canvas

I also loved this one, a lot. It reminds me this anthro one that I covet. Sigh. Antho suits... why must you be so pricey?

2. I made homemade pesto for dinner. YUM. It's totally a summertime sauce in my opinion, and it really hit the spot! I always make it from the same ol' recipe from the (now very worn) Giada cookbook I got when I lived at my first apartment with you and Dukester! Its super simple: basil, parmesan, garlic, toasted pine nuts, salt, pepper and olive oil all dumped into the food processor.... mmmmmm:

If I am ready for summer I can't even imagine how you must be feeling!


PS: Have you seen the video of the 90 sq.ft. apartment making the rounds?! I think she overpays, don't you? Also, New York Magazine is all about apartment living this week...I'm loving it!


  1. Love those suits - keep us updated on the quality! Such great prices!!

  2. will do! they should arrive this weekend, so hopefully the sale will still be going on when i give my full report!