Thursday, April 21, 2011

Itty Bitty Hallway

Hi Deweese,

Derby Party?! I want to come! Remember back at Derby '04 when I dropped my cell phone directly into my mint julep? Luckily it still worked, and (bonus) smelled minty fresh even after I washed it off! I really can't wait to hear more about the party... mainly the FOOD.

So Deweese, I wanted to update you on the art in my hallway, since it's basically the only place I've hung anything in the apartment (minus the lime, that is):

I don't know about you, but I find it's so much easier to hang things in small spaces vs. big, long, walls. Things just seem to fit better on smaller walls. Case in point, Young House Love's gorgeous gallery wall in their hallway. Yeah, ah, I love that gallery wall so much this definitely won't be the last time I blog about that!

Ok, so first up. Your housewarming gift. The original sketch you did for our wedding invites, website and even save the dates. Framed. Deweese, this is (just one reason) why you are my bestie. This. Is. Awesome.

Second. The otomi runner that Nick and I got on our honeymoon in Tulum, Mexico. The coral and thread work is seriously gorgeous and I decided I need it to be in a place where I can see it multiple times a day. The high traffic hallway seems like a good bet so far!

Third. I think everyone knows that Hither and Thither is one of my favorite blogs. The authors/photographers, Ashley and Aron, take their readers on incredible photographic journeys of their many adventures... big and small. So inspiring! A few months back I saw this post and my heart nearly skipped a beat. Ashley had photographed Central Park on a day that looked exactly like the day Nick proposed to me two years ago! We spent the entire day in CP walking in the snow and just beaming from the excitement of it all. Evidence here:

I decided hanging one of Ashley's beautiful photographs in our home would be the perfect "engagement day anniversary" present for Nick. So I emailed her to see if they ever sell their digital files for people to print. Turns out, it was my lucky day! Check it out:

Now we can remember one of our favorite days every time we walk through our itty bitty hallway. Also, FYI, that frame is made of recycled barn wood by Jim Alberts on Etsy. I definitely recommend Jim for his beautiful and efficient work!

Sigh. All of these things make me very, very happy. That's all!


PS: D, so much great stuff to dig on Etsy right now, am I right? Our Diggin' Page is blowin' up! I want those chunky booties I "favorite-ed" right now. Mmmkay?


  1. Looks awesome, Blythe! Thank you so much for the kind words--I'm so flattered! Congrats on the new site!

    Good luck on the rest of your hanging. We're searching for something for a large wall right now and I can relate to the challenge.

    So glad you both like the photo!!

  2. Hi Ashley,

    Thanks! We are having so much fun so far.

    Finding art at an appropriate scale for large walls is such a challenge! We stretched a piece of beautiful Marimekko fabric over a canvas frame in our last place. It might make a second appearance!

    Thanks for commenting and again for the photo!

    Happy Blogging,


  3. Love the NYC skyline Deweese made for your wedding! I did something similar with a DC skyline for my STD's last year, but it is no where near as cute as yours!

    Gotta agree with Deweese on this one, love what you're doing with the hall, but the runner could use a stretcher along the bottom to hold it flat.