Tuesday, April 19, 2011

DIY Light Box + Art for the Kitchen

Hi Deweese!

Ok, wow. So I'm definitely getting some Sseko's. So cute and what an awesome cause. Thanks, Christina! The birthday weekend was wonderful. A couple of dinners at really yummy places with lots of really great friends! What could be better? Nick and I also hosted a springtime brunch with our cousins/NYC besties....Mom, if you are reading this, we used the good stuff:So, Deweese. I've been meaning to tell you all about this super easy photography DIY that Nick and I completed a few weeks ago. It all started last year when Nick and I were frequently meeting at Pret A Manger to wedding plan over lunch. I was always gushing over the the huge, bright photographs of food that they have on the walls:
Original source unknown, image via: Cassie-Dee.Blogspot.com

So I had the idea to copy it by taking and blowing up some photographs of food to hang in our very white on white on white kitchen. Luckily, Nick and I already had a homemade light box to work with! We found super easy instructions on how to make it here a few months back. Check out this shot of Nick using it to photograph a very familiar face on this blog:

I wanted to photograph something with a big pop of color, so we decided to start with a lime. After a little bit of Photoshop work (gotta be honest, we don't have the right lights yet to get it as crisp and contrast-y as we want), here is the final product:

Nick kept calling the lime "the talent" and was telling me we should make sure "the talent" is happy before we shoot. Hilarious! Once we got the photograph exactly how we wanted it, we ordered a 16x20 inch print from shutterfly.com, bought a cheap modern frame, and presto! New art for the kitchen:

I'd love to make more and print them even larger. Got any ideas for other foods? I'm thinking an artichoke could be really pretty.


PS: I am laughing out loud watching Bethenny After Ever. There, I said it. Hysterical.


  1. Love the lime! So glad to hear that you are jumping on the Bethenny bandwagon - she's on Nate Berkus today and I cannot wait to watch. Dual faves!

  2. Love the crystal! But I think I love the photograph of the lime even more. I have been contemplating a light box as well but have frankly just been too lazy to collect supplies and put it together. Then there's the fact that I would have no idea where to buy said supplies in Nepal, and with only 10 hours of electricity per day, I would have to time my light box sessions carefully. But I still want to do it because that lime photo is AWESOME and looks great on your wall. Thanks for inspiring me!

  3. Brightly colored talent in the light box is genius...love it!

  4. Thank you all so much--I'm glad you like. Let me know if you come up with any other ideas. I like the idea of smaller foods blown up really BIG. Claudine: Good luck gathering all the supplies (is there wax paper in Nepal?) and keep me posted. Now THAT would be a DIY to be proud of!

  5. That lime picture is amazing!

    And - Bethenny combined with Nate Berkus?! I die!

  6. Thanks, Lacy! Please give report on Nate and Bethenney. One of you who TiVo's it!