Friday, April 22, 2011

Derby Planning: Part II

Love the hallway. Love everything in it. I especially love that those three items are all related to your wedding in some way: your engagement, your invites, your honeymoon. Super cool. And they look fantastic on the subtle wall color. Obsessed. I feel so privileged to be hanging on your wall! One small note... and I'm sure this is because I grew up in a household where my father ironed his already dry-cleaned shirts... I kinda want to iron the otomi runner. Will the wrinkles eventually fall out because of the way it's hanging? You're welcome to tell me I'm being ridiculous.

On to party planning!

Learn more about Secretariat here.

#2: FOOD

In my book there aren't too many rules when it comes to food at Derby parties. Fix and eat what you like. BUT, here are some suggestions based on what my parents serve at their Derby parties. Now, Sara is gluten-free (hence, Breaking Up With Bread) so I leave it to her to alter these options as needed.

You'll already be serving mint juleps, but along with the rest of the states below the Mason-Dixon Line, people in Louisville love their iced-tea.  Sweet or not, with mint or lemonade or raspberry, doesn't matter. Just brew it! If your night ends at my  parents house, you'll probably wind up up drinking lemoncello too, but that's neither here nor there.

Main Course:
I love a good ham or tenderloin with Camelot Butter Buns (I can't find where to buy these online, I'll keep looking) and some Henry Bain's sauce. Totally delicious and totally Louisville.

Benedictine is a Louisville special and a personal fave (you should totally add the food coloring). I also love deviled-eggs, they are like crack. Or what I image crack to be like. Cornbread biscuits and cheese grits are always crowd-pleasers too.

There is a little known (outside Kentucky) pie appropriately called: Derby Pie. Oddly enough it's trademarked and the real deal is only made by Kern's Kitchen, but can be purchased over the phone and mailed to you. OR... I can't lie... make a pecan pie and throw some chocolate and bourbon in, just google 'Kentucky Chocolate Nut Pie'. Either way you won't be disappointed. Also try bourbon balls (these are my favorite because I have a 7th grade sense of humor) and pulled candy.

So hungry now!



  1. Jefe thought I should clarify that the the photo of Secretariat is from the Belmont Stakes in 1973, not the Derby. I used it because the photo is so amazing and also I want people to read about Secretariat, the most impressive horse ever. A true icon.

  2. YUM! I want Derby Pie right now! Re: the ironing bit. Girl, that is why you are you and I am me. I kid. In fact, the waves have been driving me crazy too. But hells to the no am I ironing a handwoven & embroidered irreplaceable textile! What do you think about an additional dowel rod at the bottom to gently weight it down?

  3. I think the dowel rod is a terrific idea. Good thinking!