Monday, April 4, 2011

CL Love

Hi Deweese!

How was your weekend? Loved your last post (especially that Don Draper pic). So glad that Mad Men will still be a show. I don't want to wait until 2012, but maybe this means I can actually watch all the seasons I've missed. Now that would be a year well spent!

So somehow, unplanned, this turned into a decidedly craigslist weekend. Let me explain...

I'm usually way more into Housing Works or other on-site thrift shops because I generally like to avoid the whole awkward standing-around-in-someone's-apartment thing while I am furniture shopping. Also, there is a lot to hate about craigslist (especially in NYC). For example, looking for an NYC apartment on craigslist is pure torture. Also, in terms of furniture, I can only search "by owner" because I hate the furniture store deals and gimmicks. But, gotta say, when craiglist works...its awesome!

First up, Nick and I posted some Target furniture that we've had since our very first apartments and just never got rid of for some reason. I am always amazed at just how many people are looking at craigslist and how quickly our "not so great" stuff sells! Less than 24 hours after posting we had cash in our pocket!

Next, Nick found his dream craigslist post. He's been dreaming of an original or vintage repro Eames lounger, for, well, EVER (I mean, its in MoMA after all!). Finally this past Thursday night we traveled to a beautiful condo in Downtown Brooklyn and his dream came true! We scored a 1970's repro Plycraft Eames Lounger in a very cool cognac leather. I must admit, this is the perfect Blythe/Nick blend. The worn cognac leather instead of the traditional black leather is just bohemian enough to suit my taste. We're both in love:

The area is really begging for some plants, a rug, and maybe a small bookshelf, but its a start. Also, notice: I ended up purchasing that Ikat Pillow I coveted so long ago!

I know you like to cruise the furniture section on craiglist, too, and have had some great finds in the past. Do you have any search tips? A while back I learned about searching simply via the word "pair" from one of my favorite blogs: Little Green Notebook. Try it and you'll stumble upon some incredible deals. Nick and I are currently looking for matching lamps for our living room so this has come in especially handy!

Anyway, by Tuesday I'll probably be annoyed with craigslist all over again. But for now, its pretty darn awesome.


Ps: Girly, did you see that we were listed on Buffalo District!? Whoop! And what a cute blog!


  1. what.a.find! do you think this is proof that if you put what you want out to the universe you'll get it? or just that you've been searching and searching and it's paid off?!

  2. well, it must be a little bit of both. Nick had looked and looked... but I will say that the dude who sold it to us was also super excited to find us. He wanted to sell it to someone who was a real "Eames" fan. We actually emailed a picture of it in situ to him so he can rest assured its in good hands!


  3. Thanks for the shout out! I came across your blog on another blog I read, but can't for the life of me remember which one...

    Love the Eames in cognac! It's sexy and masculine, but not as bachelor pad as black.

    I have my heart set on Knoll Womb chair, but no luck give me hope!

  4. Hey Buffalo District!

    Oh yes, the beautiful womb chair! Now that would be a great CL find.

    Have you thought about buying a good reproduction? There's one on a site my husband likes: (eh, not so inexpensive, but its a good reproduction i think!)

    Also, we scored a good Eames rocker on the daily deal website for super-duper cheap! They have lots of mid-century.

    Good luck!