Friday, April 1, 2011

Catch Up


The ONLY problem with a week-long trip to Italy... the mounds of email, voicemail and snail mail that accumulate while you're gone. It's a more than fair price to pay, but this week has dragged! Where is my morning, noon and night cappuccino? Where is my 4 o' clock gelato break?

I can't thank you enough for keeping me up to date last week! Here's what I managed to catch this week between the aforementioned mounds...

Thank you AMC and Matthew Weiner for figuring your Sh*t out. It was in no way reasonable for you to think that millions of fans can live without Don Draper and crew until 2012. God Bless America.
Jon Hamm as Don Draper in "Mad Men". (Handout)
I took art lessons when I was little and one of the teacher's helpers was a high school girl named Skylar. I thought she was perfect. My first girl crush. For years after when playing barbies with my cousins, I named my Barbie Skylar... or Paige. Needless to say, I'm muy excited about the newest addition to Skylar cool...

I'm usually a big fan of March Madness, but this year my team decided not to show up, and of course our rival is excelling. I haven't been paying as much attention, but Jeff and I watched this Frontline (are we 80 years old?) episode about money and March Madness. Should the players be compensated? Very interesting and it looks like the NCAA has reversed some opinions since the program aired.

I wish my hair was long enough to braid. You gotta get all over this trend!

Whew! I'm pooped. Looking forward to a nice weekend. I just hope this weather gets better. No one wants to put on a hat and gloves to look at cherry blossoms!

Stay warm,


  1. Love the blog, chicas! I really heart your new chair, the braid look, as well as Don Draper. I hope to somehow get bootleg copies of Mad Men down here in South America and should probably continue to keep up with your blog so that I know what is in style. (I have been rocking a more EMS-chic look these days and have no idea wtf is in!)

  2. Jenny, please! Love the EMS reference... but you always know what's in! Crossing my fingers that you can find some copies of Mad Men down there! Miss you!