Tuesday, April 26, 2011



Those feetsies are such a tease! Need more photos to help with my Lil' Miss withdrawal!

I had such a wonderful time at the Baptism this weekend. Total perfection. It was so special to stand up in front of the entire congregation and vow our commitment to our Goddaughter and to Dukester and Sarge. I got chills! Lil' Miss was of course perfect throughout the service especially when the minister sprinkled the water on her forehead. So funny that she was just calmly staring right up at him. I couldn't tell if she was embracing the moment or thinking "Momma, why is the dude in the funny outfit getting me wet, doesn't he know this is a new dress from my Fairy Godmothers?"

I'm so glad that everyone seemed to like the dress we picked out. I think it was a good call that we went with the long cotton option and the matching bonnet was to die for. I love Dukester's idea that we can all use it someday for our children. TEARS! The bib we ordered from Etsy worked out so well too! Thanks to ESC who recommended getting a pretty bib so that Lil' Miss could eat and drool to her heart's content without anyone worrying about the dress.

We'll have to remember the Sew Simple shop for all our embroidery needs. Beth was so easy to work with when I messaged her to see if we could customize the already adorable strawberry bib and on a quick turnaround too! I thought it turned out so well! I added it to our Diggin' page so we don't forget.

Speaking of which, did you see the article about Etsy founder Rob Kalin in Inc. Magazine? Fascinating stuff.

Jorge Colombo

PS... I met a woman at happy hour last night who had a terrific nail color for summer: Do you think I'm Tex-y? from the Texas collection by OPI. It looks way better in person.

PPS... Also from the happy hour last night: Nemo told me that Anthropologie is coming out with a Tumblr page soon. I don't really get it, but I trust him, because he's from Brooklyn.

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