Friday, April 15, 2011

Best Day Ever!

Thank you so much, Deweese!

You know guacamole is the way to my heart. And, let's just say... mission accomplished:

Super delicioso. Nick and I went to Barrio Chino for what many people on the interwebs call the "best margarita in NYC":

Gotta say, I agree. I had one with fresh grapefruit and another (yikes) with jalapeno infused lime. YUM.

After that we went to Milk Bar for dessert. I wanted one of my all-time faves, Grasshopper Pie, and I heard they have it there. Well, instead we got tempted by the "soft serve sampler"... which allows you taste all of the soft serve flavors in one sitting (aka this indecisive girl's dream menu item)!

So so, so, good. So good. One of the flavors is called "cereal milk" and it tastes just like exactly that. Weird.

Then we walked all the way home. It was a beautiful night in NYC!

It really was the most perfect day EVER! All thanks to the aforementioned yummies, lots of lovely notes from my near and dears, your sweet post, and this lil' e-card that I'll never forget from lil' miss:

Like, really. C'mon, really? Bestest e-card, ever. Ever!


PS: I gotta get Tina Fey's new book. Read this and tell me you're not laughing!

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