Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Via: nydailynews.com Credit: Egan-Chin/News

Welcome back to the blog! The pictures look gorgeous! Love your signature "texture" shots...especially of the Trevi. Can't wait to hear all about it.

Over the course of last week I asked you to look at about 50 links, check out two TV shows, and even a new decor purchase. Sooooo, I think I'll give you a break and let you get back in the swing of things.

Instead of my usual, I'll take this lil' Tuesday to send a shout out to the amazing runners I know that ran races this past weekend....(there were a lot of us!):

  • My family ran the Shamrock Shuffle in Manchester, NH in the BITTER cold! So impressed!

  • L-Love and I ran the NYPD vs. FDNY road race in Central Park in the VERY cold! Whoop!

  • And Deweese, get this... our girl L-Smith AND (i just learned) our guy 'Banks (!!!) ran an ENTIRE MARATHON in "balmy" DC! Seriously friends, CONGRATS!

Despite the freakishly cold weather, I'm loving that everyone is just going for it! Cheers to all:

Via: nydailynews.com Credit: Sabo/News


PS: The above pictures are of the 2010 New York City Marathon... aka my absolute favorite day in NYC. They're part of a great slide show from the The Daily News. You gotta come cheer with me next year!


  1. Love the top photo - were you channeling her on Saturday Blythe? xo

  2. I know ... can we say, right up my alley? If I ever run the marathon, I'm going to track her down and ask to borrow that outfit. Oh, and try to remember the pink-gloved thumbs up move while I'm at it!