Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Packing for Rome in a Fantasy World


Love the new music! I listened to it all day yesterday at work!

I've been fretting a bit about what to pack for the pilgrimage to my homeland. Once I do laundry, I'll do my best to put cute and chic European outfits together, but instead of waiting for washers and dryers to become available in the basement, I thought I'd put together my dream wardrobe. Obvi I could go on forever, but I tried to narrow it down and I took comfort and price out of the equation.

Jeans, Jacket, Tee, Bag, Shoes

I really want a pair of high-waisted, wide-leg jeans, you and Katharine Hepburn inspired me. I know everyone has Toms (I do not currently), but I reallllly love these sparkly shoes! And the bag has been on my wish list for quite some time. I wish it wasn't Marc Jacobs so maybe I could afford it! I think a cross-body bag is a must when touring and shopping so you always have both hands free to snap pictures and browse through the racks.
Dress, Shoes

Dress and shoes for our date night on the Spanish Steps.
Dress, Hat, Shoes, Sunglasses
When most people think Amalfi Coast, they think: Sun! Tanning! Hot Italian Men! I think: Giant Hat! I am Northern Italian after all. No tanning for this pasty girl.

What do you think? I know, super neutral for me. I would probably end up putting on giant aqua earrings with all of these outfits!


PS... On a completely unrelated note, have you been watching the 30 for 30 series on ESPN? Jefe and I caught "The Fab Five" last night and I totally recommend. Great story.


  1. That bag is on my swoon list, too! If you find a similarly beautiful, soft, buttery leather version, please share!

  2. D - Check out this bag - I am coveting it for spring. It's the perfect cross body bag day bag. I love it's bubble shape and non-branded-ness but classic look.

  3. um, want it. D: that looks a lot like the bag you got when we were in Argentina and I still covet all these years later. Are you bringing that one?