Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Andy Monument

Hi D,

I love the chair! Especially the fabric. So "Deweese"! Also, that's hilarious about your neighbor. Just goes to show that there's no time to waste if you see something you like on Scavenger... best to grab it up quick!

So spring is long overdue and I gotta say, I feel that the new site-installation art in NYC is telling us to get over it and just get outside already... regardless of the temperature!

First, Will Ryman's Roses on Park Avenue. Let me hear a collective: "awwwwwww"

Then yesterday, a brand new installation called The Andy Monument was unveiled in Union Square (the location of his later "Factory" in the late '60s). Nick and I checked it out:

(Here's a better pic on and others in situ here and here )

It looks like a monument (full body sculpture on a pedestal) but its all hyper reflective and pop-y, too. I think Warhol would have loved it (it was about him, after all!). He's got a camera and a Bloomie's bag and everything. As you can see in the pic, people have placed "offerings" (?) of Campbell's soup cans and Brillo boxes. Cute, creative, etc...but having seen PBS's American Masters on Warhol as well as, of course, Factory Girl, I don't think I'll be leaving any offerings to Mr. Warhol! (Nick is asking me to insert here that I know Factory Girl is a bad movie and basically fiction).

Anyway, Nick and I often meet in Union Square for lunch and in fact, we occasionally wonder about what it was like when Andy Warhol roamed the streets...and also what it must have been like the day he was shot! So now we have a specific place to visit and ponder (for the next six months anyway).

What do you think? Do you think its weird that this "monument" is situated in a park that includes monuments of George Washington, Abraham Lincoln and Gandhi?

Side note: While we were there some dude came up to it and thought it was a street performer! He tried to startle the statue before his girlfriend hissed under her breath: "ugh, honey, its not a real person, let's go". HA!


PS-I finally, finally got the Warby's I want. After a short-term love affair with the "Huxley" style, I ended up with the Sinclair's in Burgundy Fade, and its true love.

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