Monday, March 14, 2011

The Kathmanduo


Love the recommendations. Thank you so much for compiling such an amazing list! I ate Italian food all weekend in anticipation. Do you think it would be weird to only take elastic-waist pants to Italy? I don't want my food intake to be limited by wardrobe!

Speaking of travel, have you been following Claudine and Brian's blog from Kathmandu? I'm so glad that Dukester introduced us to Claudine (her bestie from high school) while she was living in DC. Not only are Claudine and her husband Brian amazing wedding guests, (remember how much fun we had dancing with them at Dukester and Sarge's wedding?) but they recently drop-kicked their lives in Chicago and moved to Nepal. How amazing is that?

You can follow the adventure on their blog The Kathmanduo. The photos are amazing!

I'm so impressed with their chutzpah. We should go visit. Maybe make a stop in Bhutan, land of happiness.

Is the blog still up from the Bhutanese monks that moved to NYC?


PS... I read a library copy of Sweetness, but I have the second and third Flavia novels in old school paper format. They're all yours as soon as I'm done!

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  1. I'm so pleased you ladies have seen their blog! Amazing stuff!!! They are truly an inspiration.