Monday, March 21, 2011

For when you return ... chapter 1


That's incredible! What a thoughtful gift. And I think it beats "Let us dine on birds and mammals" ... a random quote written by Mr. David Sedaris to us from a recent book signing!

Sigh. So right now you are probably sitting in a piazza people watching and eating something delicious. And you are most decidedly very, very far away from your computer screen (yay!). Alas, I'm still going to write to you this week just so I don't have to remember everything I want to show you. Remember when I went on my honeymoon and you kept a running list of everything you wanted to talk with me about when I got back? Yeah, like that.

So the first thing I want to discuss with you is Emily Henderson:

We read her blog, I watched her win Design Star, but do you actually watch her shiny new show? I love it. It's completely new material for HGTV. For example, I really like the double reveal format of the show...she designs the room, shows the home owners and gets their feedback, and then makes changes and reveals it again. She really takes the ego out of it. In the first episode she creates a "boho meets mid-century modern" room. Um, hello? 100% Nick and Blythe. Here are some of her interiors from the show...

That couch and coffee table? Yes, please.

Nick loves the lamp and the armchair. I love the seat covers and the rug.

How cool is this? She did Oh Joy's place! What other tv show is featuring ridiculously cool bloggers?

So much thrift and vintage. Not your typical HGTV. So, when you get back, Tivo it...mmmkay? We must discuss.


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