Wednesday, March 23, 2011

For when you get back ... chapter 2 (bling edition)


HA! Loved the postcard! So glad you are having fun!

Ok, so on to chapter 2 of stuff I want to talk about when you get back. I scored something BIG at Housing Works. Big in terms of size, impact, and my amount of obsession with it...

That's right, a huge, old (and I mean old), mirror for my entry way. Originally Nick and I were just going to repaint a preexisting mirror that we already had, but once I saw this ol' lady, I had to have her! We lugged her home, cleaned her up and now she's ours.

She's blingy, she's glitzy, and she's definitely seen better days in terms of condition. But that's what I love about her! Whenever Nick and I get a piece of pre-owned furniture, I always love imagining where it came from. I like to picture the house it was in before and the people that used it first... and then I like to imagine what it will look like in our imaginary future home someday. I guess the entire life of the furniture flashes before my eyes!

For some reason, I picture this glitzy old lady in someone's old garden or solarium. Like at an old mansion that is run-down but still gorgeous and now has a spooky quietness to it.. you know, Great Expectations, The Secret Garden, all that kinda stuff.

She might be awkwardly overwhelming our dresser, but we're still figuring out if we can hang her properly (she's heavy!) on our plaster walls. For now, the leaning kinda reminds of her old home in a creaky, overgrown patio somewhere.

You like?
She fits into my recent blingy-bling phase, don't you think? (Evidenced here and here)


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