Thursday, March 17, 2011

Familypalooza in Roma: Part Two


The countdown to Roma is officially on... and I hope you didn't think I forgot to follow up with Part Two of my Roma suggestions.

First off, I love the outfits. I'm digging the boho chic coastal look big time. Also, did you see this dress on the cover of Lucky? Reminded me of you.

So, on to my second goal of Roma suggestions:
  • Occasionally have you feeling like you are off the beaten tourist path so you can experience some real life Roma.
Like I said, I assume you are going to all the must-see spots already, so I don't need to go over those. Due to that, this list has become very random... but here goes! Some are touristy, but at least a little unusual. Pick and choose as you please!


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Its near where you are staying and since your family rented an apartment, I thought it would be a perfect fit for you! You can buy some deliciousness to bring "home" and enjoy on your own time. I would go on a week day, maybe it will be less touristy (oh and its closed Sundays).

This is where I lived. Before I left DC it was described to me as the AdMo of Roma. College nightlife: YES! But I am not sure if it is an exact match:

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If you go, I'd get there by walking across a tiny foot bridge called Ponte Sisto for some picturesque-ness. Then check out the blingy-bling mosaics and stunning ceiling at Santa Maria in Trastevere. Stay for a meal (see Dar Poeta in Part One) and then wander the streets and browse the jewelry stands and little boutiques that are open late (with the rowdy bars). Oh and if you feel like it, please stroll down teeny tiny Vicolo Moroni for me? My old street!

Since you are already across the river in Trastevere, if you are feeling super duper adventurous, I encourage you trek up to Janiculum Hill to catch some of the best views of Rome for free!

D, that view was on my walk to school. Sigh.

Moving on to things you can actually potentially squeeze into your agenda:

BORGHESE (Galleria and Gardens)
Go check out some paintings by Carravaggio there. Dude was a Roman artist accused of murder who fled Rome to Naples. Super haunting. Oh yeah and an absolutely beautiful painter:
St. Jerome, c.1605, oil on canvas, Galleria Borghese
My family loved it when they came to visit. And not just because of Angels and Demons!
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In terms of shopping, girl, what can I say. I'm not going to tell you shop on Via del Corso because that's like saying "Oh you are going to New York? There is this great street called 5th Avenue. You gotta check it out!". But the reality is, I didn't do too much shopping. My moolah was spent on train tickets and lots of vino rosso della casa!

I'm going miss you like cray-zay. Have a blast. Take photos (a lot) and eat, eat, eat!

Ciao bella,

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