Friday, March 11, 2011

Familypalooza in Roma: Part One

Ciao Deweese!

First of all, that email exchange with Alan Bradley is ADORABLE. It makes me like him and I haven't even read the book. So the burning question is: is it on your Kindle or can I borrow it?

Ok. At long last, I have finally compiled a list for your trip to Roma that will hopefully achieve the following:
  • Make your heart beat faster as you take your first bite of a meal that will inspire a "food-is-so-good-I-want-to-move-here" moment. (This is "Part One". I'll tackle this today.)
  • Occasionally have you feeling like you are off the beaten tourist path so you can experience some real life Roma. (I'll tackle this next week so this post isn't 10 pages long.)
I am assuming that you already know about the touristy sites so we won't waste time there. The only things I would suggest is a tour guide at the Vatican and just the Audio Guide at the Colosseum.

Ok, so on to Part One. FOOD. I definitely had to phone some life lines to remember these places (thanks Nini, Kate, Dad and Nemo!). Man, this brought back some delicious memories. Here goes:

You gotta have it, and preferably standing up at a bar in the morning.
Via: Joninonatan on Flickr

May I suggest: The very famous La Tazza D'Oro (Via degli Orfani 84). It's right near the Pantheon, so maybe stop in for an afternoon pick-me-up! So you can find it, here's a pic of the outside:
Via: Istvan Balsai on Panoramio

PIZZA. There are two kinds and you must have both. No exceptions!

1. Restaurant pizza. Classic, super thin, takes-up-the-entire-plate kind of pizza. Remember: get toppings! I have to admit this photo was taken in NYC, but it is a perfect example of what I mean.

May I suggest: Dar Poeta (Vicolo del bologna 45) in Trastevere. So you can find it:

2. Mangi Subito. This is a square-shaped, thicker pizza that is cut in half and folded together like a sandwich for easy eating on the go. My friends and I coined this pizza "mangi subito" aka "eat immediately", because that's what they'd ask us as they were wrapping up the pizza at our favorite place. The cutest old Italian man would ask us with a huge smile: "mangi... SUBITO?!".
No suggestions since our place was way out of the way near our school. Just look for the square pizza in a window!

GELATO. You kind of have to eat gelato everyday, ok? Remember: its healthier than ice cream -- all natural and less cream! Someone should order chocolate + hazelnut together and someone should order Crema Caramel (on most menus).
Via: Jaymeydad on Flickr

May I suggest: Famous, Delicious, Giolitti (Uffici del Vicario 40). So you can find it:

Other suggestions:
  • Il Bacaro, (Roma via Degli Spagnoli). At this restaurant they serve each person the entree they ordered as usual, and then a small taste of what everyone else ordered at your table! I can see your family loving this.
  • There is this amazing antipasti place you have to go to, but none of us can remember the name. We will find it before you go! UPDATE: With the help of Nemo and my Dad we got the name. L'Orso 80 (Via dell' Orso 33). This is near Piazza Navona, so that's easy!
  • Oh, and one night just order simple pasta promodoro.
    Via: Serious Eats, Photo by: Laura Togut

    I know its hard with so many delicious options. However, this was a recommendation my Italian language teacher gave to us as we traveled throughout Italy. I gotta say, those dishes were some of the best meals of my life! It should look just like the picture above. In a bowl, all mixed together (not just a blob of sauce on top) and with basil you can see.
Ok, now I'm STARVING and really, really wishing you could hide me in your suitcase!

Stay tuned for more. Hope you didn't think I was going to take this whole recommendations request lightly .... muhahha!

Arrivederci for now!

ps- I'm not gonna lie, I'm a little nervous (and surprised) that all of the places I recommended have websites. I am website snob and tend to think that means its a tourist trap. But seriously, the food is INCREDIBLE at these establishments... I promise.


  1. Was the place you were thinking of for antipasti called Orso 80?

  2. YES!!!! THANK YOU! Updating post immediately.

  3. This post made me so hungry I got some square pizza for lunch... from a cafeteria... in a basement. Oh well, it will have to do until next week! I also got a fresca (must be friday), definitely the best carbonated beverage on earth, with the exception of diet coke from mcdonalds.