Wednesday, March 2, 2011



I definitely remember going to Target a lot when we lived in the Commonwealth. In fact, I went there once to buy underwear because I didn't want to do laundry. Classy. It's funny that you mentioned Ms. Zoe because the whole time I was watching Anne Hathaway, I could only think about how bananas everything must have been at Zoe Headquarters. I hope there is new season of her show coming!

Unfortunately we haven't used our wedding china yet which you know kills me because I LOVE china. The only reason is that we don't have a place to keep it in our apartment, so it's in storage right now, but I think a china hutch is in our future and then I plan to use it all the time. For reals.

So for my birthday, Jeff got me new perfume, but we wanted to pick it out together which we did last night. I thought about going to Sephora because of the insane selection, but it's just so overwhelming! So we went next door to the new Anthropologie Accessories store (first in the nation!) where I feel like although they have a large selection, it's still whittled down a bit. After testing each one, narrowing them down, smelling lots of coffee beans and walking around the store for a bit, we chose Tocca - Colette. Most recently I have been wearing Burberry - Touch which I know you have also. I love Burberry, but on this trip to pick out a new fragrance, I had the word 'pretty' in my head (which is not to say that Touch is not pretty). I think I got it with Colette. Jefe likes it and I hope you'll like it too!

The runner up was  Happ & Stahns Perfumers Eau De Parfum. It was just a tad too rosey for me, but I'm obsessed with the bottle. Let's face it, half of our attraction to fragrance is the bottle!

After our mutual selection process at Anthro, we came home to pick out glasses for Jefe from Warby Parker. So fun. We ordered Nedwin, Sinclair, Beckett, Langston and Begley for 'home try-on'. I can't wait to see how they look! Thanks for the recommendation. And you're right, he can go a little trendier because they are SO much less expensive than most frames and lenses!

Did you get your Warbys? Do you love them?


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