Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Apartment Update... 1.75? 2.0? (who's counting)


Love the office progress! I can't wait to see the finished product, but what you got going on looks awesome! Especially the gallery wall. And the green! I feel if you are fortunate enough to score an extra room in a city apartment, you gotta go wild! I see the Parson's desk on craigslist and Apartment Therapy Classifieds from time to time. You should check! The clocks are hilarious...but let's be real. 5 minute difference? This uptight New Englander would like to up that to at least 15 minutes!

So, you inspired me to give you a little apartment update as well. I realized there are a few things happening up here that you don't know about yet! No bueno.

Here are my random updates...

  • China cabinet...before and after:

  • A new bed skirt. I got this on super clearance from T.J. Maxx, but it is originally from the posh Serena and Lily. It is embroidered and coral and I'm in love. You know that I crush on patterns a lot, but always have such trouble incorporating them...let alone mixing them. Well, for some reason I'm really liking the feel of these two patterns together:

Just enough white space and just enough monochromatic-ness. Yum.

  • A few new frames (one of the best things about this blog is that I can share things with you as small and silly as new picture frames).
Left to Right: T.J. Maxx, random thrift store, Restoration Hardware Outlet.

  • Another before and after... but this is a lot cheesier than china! So my kitchen cabinets are really tall, and well, I'm not. So enter cheap-o IKEA step stool. It needed a little personality and so I thought I'd try this whole typography style that's, well, everywhere. I wanted a play on a words that would make me smile. I thought of song lyrics that relate to step stools (yes, I'm that weird). How about the ol' classic "I Wish I Was a Little Bit Taller" by Skee-lo? Too long to paint on a stool. Diana Ross's "Take Me Higher"? Just strange. I finally made the decision (with Nick's help) to go with Marley. Not gonna lie, the news this week that I might be traveling to the Caribbean later this year definitely influenced my decision:

So, so cheesy (and easier to read in sequence when viewed in 3D). But c'mon. I have china in my house now. I need balance! On a related note, have you seen IKEA Hackers? I still have this bowl from our first apartment...maybe I should copy that DIY!

Would love to know what you think of the above purchases/crazy arts and crafts project. More to show you, too, but I'll have to save it for another post before I start to ramble on too much longer!



  1. That step stool is so fantastic!

  2. I agree the step stool is awesome and I may trade Chase's bookshelf "know how" for a project or two! Oh, and there is never enough green!

  3. thanks ladies! it adds a splash of color to my very white on white on white kitchen. s: chase's bookshelf "know how" is a serious trade! i'm in! you say the words "tree trunk coffee tables" and i'm so there!

  4. Did you find a Serena and Lily bed skirt in an NYC TJ's or in the Shire? I LOVE their stuff and they make the most amazing crib sets when I was looking for Lil' Miss.

  5. Oops yes, that's Serena not Selena! I found it in NYC... I actually stalked it for a while b/c I wanted the price to go down. I got it on clearance (red sticker baby!) for $50. You should look at your local TJ's though... believe it or not I find that the NYC and NH branches aren't that different in terms of inventory!