Monday, February 7, 2011

Wedding Resources (a little late!)


I'm making that granola ASAP. It looks delish! Thank you for sharing!

Ok, so neither of us have been married for a full year yet, and believe it or not there are all these new wedding resources that would have been PERFECT for us! First, you bring my attention to BHLDN (so awesome, but yeah, I really don't like that name). And since then I've only stumbled across more great things:

  • First and foremost, the 100 Layer Cake Marketplace. A craiglist of sorts for all things wedding. This is great because I think I could actually use this now to sell my leftovers (I'm thinking of the tons of left over HOT PINK envelopes I used for your bachelorette invites!). However, wouldn't this have been great to know about when we were planning? I would have bought these in a heartbeat!
  • Fishs' Eddy has a wedding registry that I didn't know about, and so does the MoMA Design Store. Which means we could have registered for right-up-our-alley things like these:
  • Aaand, word on the street is that New York Magazine Weddings, which was hands down my best resource, is creating a wedding dress resale site to launch this spring!
This begs the question: would you ever sell your wedding dress? I don't think I will, but not because I hope it will be re-worn by a family member...I am certain that if I have a daughter and she wants to get married in a white dress, that she'll think the style is fugly by then. But right now its just bagged and hanging next to my mom's wedding dress in my parent's attic (my dad calls them "the two ghosts"). I don't know, I just think it's a kind of the ultimate, sweet (and expensive) momento.

How about you?