Monday, February 21, 2011



How was the weekend? Hope it was full of family fun. Love all the links! You keep me very entertained. Recipes sound yummy-- just need to figure out how to make them veggie! Real Simple is SUCH a good source for recipes, don't you think? Ugh, and beautiful Kyle from the Real Housewives. I don't believe her for one minute ... she was totally the most popular nice/mean girl in school!!

Lots of fun times to share from this weekend, but I need more time to write, so stay tuned. In the meantime, I've been wanting to tell you all about my new journal. I used to be pretty good about keeping a journal when I was a preteen but since then have failed miserably. Anyway, I love reading my old journals (most topics include: slumber party drama, field hockey drama, boy drama and of course homework drama... it's awesome). So I've decided to force myself to start again to give my future self a little treat. Nick's parents gave me a different kind of journal for Christmas and I gotta tell ya, 6 weeks in and I'm still writing! It's called the 5 Year Journal and mine's from Levenger:

With this type of journal, each page is a calendar date, such as say, July 23rd. So you write a little blurb on that same page on July 23rd, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015! The fun part is after the first year you can read what you wrote previous years each time you sit down to write!

As you can see, there is only space for a few lines for each day. Which means it takes me about 2.5 seconds a night to write my entry. So I'm actually keeping up with it! Fingers crossed!

Hopefully I will keep this up, along with my resolution for this year: to create a better work/life/travel balance. Do you believe in resolutions? I do, and I recently saw this neat way to remember resolutions in a recent Apartment Therapy house tour:

This is displayed in the bathroom and I imagine is read while brushing teeth. So simple. I think I might do it! Great reminder come June and July when I bet I can't even remember what my resolution was.

Love you,

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