Wednesday, February 23, 2011

They Say It's Your BIRTHDAY!

Image: Photographer Unknown, Source: Martha,

It's officially the last year of our 20's...and I say we rock it! So here's a little list of what I wish for you this birthday, dear bestie of mine...

  • That you leave work 6 minutes early to catch the sunset. According to, it's going to be a very sunny day in DC (on purpose, of course) and the sun is supposed to set at 5:54pm (ps-its almost SPRING!)
  • That you have many sips of a delicious, oak-y, buttery, chardonnay...your fave.

  • That you save some time to snuggle with Atty...(pardon the look alike)
  • And no matter what you do, that you end up on your ridiculously comfy sofa (much like the one I am coveting here and at ABC Carpet and Home) with yo' man...

I just wish I could be there to give you a big birthday hug!

Thank you for being my blogger say the least! I love you!

Lots of birthday love,

ps- The beautiful Martha Stewart image above is part of a great how-to post for those pom-poms. I want to cover my apartment with them!

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