Monday, February 28, 2011

Oscars and Target


Your trip looks so amazing (minus the Alanis Morissette), and that's coming from someone who doesn't like cold weather! I think I would like snowshoeing, looks like a lot less gear than skiing which is a huge plus in my book.

I had a great weekend: dinner with cousins and friends on Friday, I took a walk around the Zoo on Saturday before I got my nails done (essie Luxedo, I figured it was my last dark color for a while) and then babysat. Sunday I hung out with Lil' Q and we checked out the America's Presidents exhibit at the National Portrait Gallery before we grabbed some cupcakes and sat on the steps of the NPG 'cause we're oh so Gossip Girl.

I LOVE the Oscars and had such a fun time watching it last night, though I missed the beginning. Did you see it? How did Anne and James do? I do love both of them. I thought for the most part everyone killed it on fashion. Again, I could go on forever but here are my major takeaways...

Reese: You know Reese can do no wrong in my eyes, but I kept having flashbacks to 90210.

JLAW:  what a BODY! But I couldn't help thinking: 'BAYWATCH'. Nooooo! (Turns out it was swimsuit inspired)

Am I just a Negative Nancy? Maybe I need to stop watching bad television re-runs?

Reese: Frazer Harrison/Getty,  JLAW: Steve Granitz/WireImage 

In other news, did you hear that Target is re-releasing some of their most popular dresses. I'm so stoked because I feel like they always sell out so quickly.

What do you think? Are there any you missed the first time around?

PS... How cute is the latest Lil' Miss pic! That's our diva!


  1. Two girls at our senior prom (gasp - that's right they were matching!) had a dress that was almost an exactly like Reese's, as she can do no wrong, I think it's a timeless dress - matching a timeless actress/celeb! I was about to send you the link about JL when I spotted it here. Lesson learned... I should just check 75th and Sedgewick before Styles! xoxox

  2. completely forgot about that -- HAHAHA! You are right, looks like this dress comes around every decade or so! hilarious.