Friday, February 11, 2011

My NYC Tradition: Walking Home


Wow, great article. I've never really read Architectural Digest--but I love Elle Decor, so why not? Also, it will make me feel far more superior when I carry it around airports!

So as you know, I love walking home from work for exercise. Usually I'm equipped with a cross-body purse, comfortable kicks and a lovely phone date! Sometimes, however, the walk feels long and I get bored, cold, and annoyed with tourists. This feeling is especially bad when NYC is covered in things like this. So. Gross. Anyway, no matter what, once I break through the crowds of Rockefeller Center, the sidewalks start to empty out as I near Central Park and my mood picks up. Its usually right around that time when I stop in my tracks and my jaw drops. That's right. Bergdorf Goodman window displays. They are so beautiful I have a collection of photos of them on my iphone that I was going to share, but instead I found way glossier photos online for your enjoyment! Here are some of my favorites:

These are up right now for Fashion Week:

Images via: 5th/58th

This one was my favorite from the 2010 Holiday Collection:

Image via: 5th/58th

Detail from my iphone collection:

This is from the 2008 holiday season -- always sticks in my mind as the first time I was really wow-ed by these windows: Creepy!

Image via:

Just so beautiful! And for some reason, they always catch me off guard! Kind of like the time Nick and I stumped across this incredible projection happening on the Ralph Lauren building during on our walk home last fall:

Sigh. if it weren't really, really expensive, I'd buy myself Bergdorf's catalog of the displays so I can look at these windows anytime I want!

So dear Deweese, what are you up to this weekend? Nick and I hope to visit The High Line and eat some very highly rated pizza!

Miss you,