Tuesday, February 22, 2011



Wow, I'm so impressed that you have been keeping the journal for six weeks already. I've never been much for journaling and when I look back at journals from middle school, they just stress me out! Being 12 is not easy! Good for you.

One of my resolutions this year is to JUST DO IT. I feel like I have all these little things I want to do and I'm always dragging my feet. For instance, the glass canisters for dry goods. In 2010, I would have let that idea sit forever without ever doing it. In 2011, I'm on it. So here's the big reveal of our new dry goods storage!

They didn't turn out exactly as planned because the labels I liked form Paper-Source can only be used with an ink-jet printer which I most certainly do not have. So I labeled them myself with a good ole' black sharpie. The glass jars are from where else? Ikea.  I'm pretty pleased with the results!

My next JUST DO IT project... our home office.



  1. Deweese....can you come to my pantry and do this!? It looks so good! When I first read about the idea I thought it would be a fortune to do because automatically The Container Store popped into my head. But lo and behold, IKEA saves the day yet again! Can't wait to see the office...

  2. I'm glad you hand wrote the labels on the jars. I love the DIY touch. It makes a house a home!