Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Inspiration Du Jour


Dry goods storage! Aha! I am not organized enough to have consistent groceries, let alone places to store them long term! I'm really impressed -- I think that sounds gorgeous and very domestically skilled! Please post a pic of the finished product. I guess my only question is: won't the labels come off when you wash them? The closest thing Nick and I have is what we like to call the "baguette saver". We never eat an entire baguette in one sitting, and had never found a good place to store it (ziplock bags, large Pyrex bowls with lids?) until we scored a Homegoods beauty much like this:

Via: Amazon
Another beauty is Kelly Wearstler. I know you've blogged about her before on FINCH, but I just learned (via Decor8) that she has a brand new blog entitled: My Vibe, My Life. (her title font looks like the "Barley" font you posted yesterday, weird). Anyway, I'm psyched to get a more frequent sneak peak in to her daily life and her personality in general... I'm also inspired by the title. But at the moment, I'm so glad I stumbled across this quote of hers (via

"Beautiful things happen when you break the rules and just go for it."

I know its really simple and sorta obvious, but that is exactly what I need to be thinking right now when it comes to my apartment! I think I'm gonna put it on the fridge for a daily reminder. In the meantime, here is some Kelly goodness:

Fun fact: Kelly grew up in Myrtle Beach! Does that explain the use of turquoise and peachy pink?