Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Dry Goods Storage


Obsessed with your new wedding finds. Maybe we could renew our vows? I think the 100 Layer Cake is SUCH a good resource, I definitely want to use it for future projects. Also I have about 70 of these glasses from our wedding in green and blue. I'd love to keep some of them, but I don't need 70!

I was reading The Sweet Beet yesterday and saw this gorgeous picture.

Which reminded me that I've been thinking about switching our dry goods from their plastic containers to pretty glass containers. I would re-use the plastic containers to hold crafts and such.

I talked to my Mom and she suggested using the Ball Mason Jars that have 'spring-up' tops and rubber bands around them. I love these kind of jars, so I'm totally game. It would be so pretty in our cabinets to be able to see all of the different kinds of grains and also a better way to organize.

Now to the really fun part. I love the barley sticker on this jar and I love these labels from Paper-Source and was thinking maybe a great typewriter font from dafont.com?

What do you think? How do you store your dry goods?