Thursday, February 17, 2011

Be Still My Heart: Roma and My First Blog Crush!


Every time you mention this ROMA trip my heart starts to beat really fast and I feel all these emotions: intense excitement for you, a lot of longing, and just a pinch of jealous rage. I guess that makes me your bestie. I gleefully accept the challenge, but need to take my time with it and even use a few lifelines. Well, hmm, let me revise that. I will accept the challenge if and only if you visit the Spanish Steps with Jeff in a little outfit just like this:

Ok, as long as that's the agreement, stay tuned for many recommendations. In the meantime, I wanted to talk to you about another Renaissance... not the Roman one, but that of one of my first ever blog loves: The Sartorialist.

Way back in the day I thought that blogs were only online diaries where writers posted extremely long, anonymous passages about their inner most thoughts. While I am sure that this type of blog exists, it wasn't until I stumbled across The Sartorialist that I realized blogs could be visual, too. And then I had my first ever blog obsession.

Anyway, have you noticed that he is all the sudden ALL OVER THE PLACE? Well I have! I guess I shouldn't call it a Renaissance because there were never any dark ages, but still. Scott Schuman is having The Best Week(Month?) Ever. I am loving the inside look into his life...

First off, a friend of mine sent me this beautiful video. Its gorgeous AND you get to see "the approach" in action...something I've always wondered about:

I find him very really like-able in this. I really loved the part about the importance of the comments to his blog and the whole "park bench" idea:

Then, I see a graphic on Refinery 29 that makes me laugh out loud: "Oh Snap! Our Step-By-Step Guide To Getting Shot By The Sartorialist". Haha! Nick and I have definitely joked about this exact same thing!

Finally, the NY Magazine article this week about his relationship with fellow fashion blogger Garance Doré. Some parts of this I really liked, others I didn't (oh no she didn't just say he was her weight loss coach, did she?):
Via Photo by Graeme Mitchell

Would you vote with me that he is having the Best Week Ever? BTW: is that show still on? I loved it.

So what's your plan for the weekend? Our Dukester is having a bday for one!!! Yippee! I'm sneaking off to a snowy cabin with my girls from high school for some winter-y R&R and no doubt lots of laughing. What could be better?


Ps: I just saw on Daily Candy that Marimekko and Converse are working together. Excuse me for the randomness of this, but its not so often that two of our LOVES collaborate. Awesome!

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