Friday, February 18, 2011

Mouse Catching


I have to admit, I jumped off the Sartorialist bandwagon a bit ago. It just wasn’t doing it for me, but your last note revealed so much of what actually happens and about the man behind the lens that I have a whole new appreciation for it. You did it, you made me a fan again! (Despite the weird diet comment, can we chalk it up to being Corsican?)

Jeff’s parents are in town this weekend! Not exactly sure what the weekend will hold, but I’m sure lots of good food and fun. Hope to get some time in with our littlest neighbor from downstairs too! You’re going to have so much fun with la ladies. Can’t wait to hear about it! Wish we could be with Dukester on her birthday tomorrow. First birthday as a Mama. So special.

Here’s a little bit of what caught my mouse this week:

  • The family I babysit for was featured on Apartment Therapy DC yesterday! They have done so much since they moved in in August and it’s so neat to watch the progress in person and on one of my favorite websites!
  • I watched Newsies over and over and over again on VHS when I was little. I thought Christian Bale was God’s gift to the newspaper industry, and me. And now, it’s going to be on stage! Ok, a small-ish stage… but with good reviews it could totally hit Broadway, right?
  • I’m loving Hither Thither’s India travelogue this week.  I am so drawn to the intensity of the colors. Like, I want to wrap myself and my home in India. After the curried chicken recipe, our apartment certainly smells like it!
  • How fun is this tiny collection of Gaga ensembles? The one wrapped in what looks like prosciutto… why do I think that’s cute? Is it because it’s just so teeeeeny?
  • You know Kyle is my second favorite housewife, and this article is mildly revealing… most importantly about her hair regime. If only I had known that I was brushing my hair the wrong way all of these years!

Mainly I just wish I was having a kick-ass joint birthday partay with Dukester this weekend!

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