Monday, February 28, 2011

Oscars and Target


Your trip looks so amazing (minus the Alanis Morissette), and that's coming from someone who doesn't like cold weather! I think I would like snowshoeing, looks like a lot less gear than skiing which is a huge plus in my book.

I had a great weekend: dinner with cousins and friends on Friday, I took a walk around the Zoo on Saturday before I got my nails done (essie Luxedo, I figured it was my last dark color for a while) and then babysat. Sunday I hung out with Lil' Q and we checked out the America's Presidents exhibit at the National Portrait Gallery before we grabbed some cupcakes and sat on the steps of the NPG 'cause we're oh so Gossip Girl.

I LOVE the Oscars and had such a fun time watching it last night, though I missed the beginning. Did you see it? How did Anne and James do? I do love both of them. I thought for the most part everyone killed it on fashion. Again, I could go on forever but here are my major takeaways...

Reese: You know Reese can do no wrong in my eyes, but I kept having flashbacks to 90210.

JLAW:  what a BODY! But I couldn't help thinking: 'BAYWATCH'. Nooooo! (Turns out it was swimsuit inspired)

Am I just a Negative Nancy? Maybe I need to stop watching bad television re-runs?

Reese: Frazer Harrison/Getty,  JLAW: Steve Granitz/WireImage 

In other news, did you hear that Target is re-releasing some of their most popular dresses. I'm so stoked because I feel like they always sell out so quickly.

What do you think? Are there any you missed the first time around?

PS... How cute is the latest Lil' Miss pic! That's our diva!

Friday, February 25, 2011

Let's GOGH!

Dearest Deweese,

Oh D, I hear you on Angela Chase moments. Wintertime blues are the worst, and so true that good music is the BEST medicine! Adele is incredible (so incredible, in fact, that her upcoming show here sold out in 10 minutes!). Also, it turns out she is really funny. I listened to this show the other night was just wishing we could be friends.
Annnyways, I'd love to tell you all about my trip last weekend. My girlfriends from high school and I started a tradition of getting together once a year for a "GOGH Trip". GOGH is the name of the "band" we started in high school (we thought we were suuuper clever and artsy/deep). Let's just say that the band didn't last… but our friendship has! I’m so lucky to have these women in my life and I treasure these weekends so much! I especially love when these trips involve escaping NYC to connect to nature and remind me of how gorgeous my home state really is!
We stayed in scenic Lincoln, New Hampshire and did lots of wintertime things, including snowshoeing (my first time ever!) on a trail with a covered bridge, rushing streams and even some brave souls climbing ice walls...

(The itty bitty specs on those massive cliffs of ice are climbers! Eeeeek!)
Another highlight of the trip was the delicious dinner we had on Saturday night. We made Ina Garten's Saffron Risotto with Butternut Squash. WOW. I'm so making this again, and you're invited over!

Overall, the weekend included: relaxing, snacking, laughing, piling into a car and belting out "All I Really Want" and "Thing Called Love" at the top of our lungs, and the constant wearing of sweatpants. Basically, Blythe Heaven. So what are you up to this weekend? Hope you're feeling more Clarissa and less Angela and that Adele is blasting through your house.
Really missin' you,

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Wishes DO come true!


Thank you for such lovely birthday wishes. All of them came true!

I saw a beautiful sunset (I took this photo on my way home from work), had an amazing dinner, complete with vino, at our favorite French restaurant, I snuggled with Atty and I fell asleep on a very comfy sofa watching a movie with Jefe.

I also got some really wonderful gifts, including Bean Boots similar to the Land's End boots you recommended and a treat from rifle designs!

I've been feeling a little angsty (that's what Lil' Q would call it, I would call it an Angela Chase moment). Maybe it's the big 2-9, or February weather. But I decided to take your advice and download the new Adele album and it seems to be the cure!

Amazing. Thank you for the recommendation! What are you listening to right now?


PS... Have you seen this 'Blueberries' video? Wait until the end. I was crying I was laughing so hard. Does that make me a bad person?

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

They Say It's Your BIRTHDAY!

Image: Photographer Unknown, Source: Martha,

It's officially the last year of our 20's...and I say we rock it! So here's a little list of what I wish for you this birthday, dear bestie of mine...

  • That you leave work 6 minutes early to catch the sunset. According to, it's going to be a very sunny day in DC (on purpose, of course) and the sun is supposed to set at 5:54pm (ps-its almost SPRING!)
  • That you have many sips of a delicious, oak-y, buttery, chardonnay...your fave.

  • That you save some time to snuggle with Atty...(pardon the look alike)
  • And no matter what you do, that you end up on your ridiculously comfy sofa (much like the one I am coveting here and at ABC Carpet and Home) with yo' man...

I just wish I could be there to give you a big birthday hug!

Thank you for being my blogger say the least! I love you!

Lots of birthday love,

ps- The beautiful Martha Stewart image above is part of a great how-to post for those pom-poms. I want to cover my apartment with them!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011



Wow, I'm so impressed that you have been keeping the journal for six weeks already. I've never been much for journaling and when I look back at journals from middle school, they just stress me out! Being 12 is not easy! Good for you.

One of my resolutions this year is to JUST DO IT. I feel like I have all these little things I want to do and I'm always dragging my feet. For instance, the glass canisters for dry goods. In 2010, I would have let that idea sit forever without ever doing it. In 2011, I'm on it. So here's the big reveal of our new dry goods storage!

They didn't turn out exactly as planned because the labels I liked form Paper-Source can only be used with an ink-jet printer which I most certainly do not have. So I labeled them myself with a good ole' black sharpie. The glass jars are from where else? Ikea.  I'm pretty pleased with the results!

My next JUST DO IT project... our home office.


Monday, February 21, 2011



How was the weekend? Hope it was full of family fun. Love all the links! You keep me very entertained. Recipes sound yummy-- just need to figure out how to make them veggie! Real Simple is SUCH a good source for recipes, don't you think? Ugh, and beautiful Kyle from the Real Housewives. I don't believe her for one minute ... she was totally the most popular nice/mean girl in school!!

Lots of fun times to share from this weekend, but I need more time to write, so stay tuned. In the meantime, I've been wanting to tell you all about my new journal. I used to be pretty good about keeping a journal when I was a preteen but since then have failed miserably. Anyway, I love reading my old journals (most topics include: slumber party drama, field hockey drama, boy drama and of course homework drama... it's awesome). So I've decided to force myself to start again to give my future self a little treat. Nick's parents gave me a different kind of journal for Christmas and I gotta tell ya, 6 weeks in and I'm still writing! It's called the 5 Year Journal and mine's from Levenger:

With this type of journal, each page is a calendar date, such as say, July 23rd. So you write a little blurb on that same page on July 23rd, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015! The fun part is after the first year you can read what you wrote previous years each time you sit down to write!

As you can see, there is only space for a few lines for each day. Which means it takes me about 2.5 seconds a night to write my entry. So I'm actually keeping up with it! Fingers crossed!

Hopefully I will keep this up, along with my resolution for this year: to create a better work/life/travel balance. Do you believe in resolutions? I do, and I recently saw this neat way to remember resolutions in a recent Apartment Therapy house tour:

This is displayed in the bathroom and I imagine is read while brushing teeth. So simple. I think I might do it! Great reminder come June and July when I bet I can't even remember what my resolution was.

Love you,

Friday, February 18, 2011

Mouse Catching


I have to admit, I jumped off the Sartorialist bandwagon a bit ago. It just wasn’t doing it for me, but your last note revealed so much of what actually happens and about the man behind the lens that I have a whole new appreciation for it. You did it, you made me a fan again! (Despite the weird diet comment, can we chalk it up to being Corsican?)

Jeff’s parents are in town this weekend! Not exactly sure what the weekend will hold, but I’m sure lots of good food and fun. Hope to get some time in with our littlest neighbor from downstairs too! You’re going to have so much fun with la ladies. Can’t wait to hear about it! Wish we could be with Dukester on her birthday tomorrow. First birthday as a Mama. So special.

Here’s a little bit of what caught my mouse this week:

  • The family I babysit for was featured on Apartment Therapy DC yesterday! They have done so much since they moved in in August and it’s so neat to watch the progress in person and on one of my favorite websites!
  • I watched Newsies over and over and over again on VHS when I was little. I thought Christian Bale was God’s gift to the newspaper industry, and me. And now, it’s going to be on stage! Ok, a small-ish stage… but with good reviews it could totally hit Broadway, right?
  • I’m loving Hither Thither’s India travelogue this week.  I am so drawn to the intensity of the colors. Like, I want to wrap myself and my home in India. After the curried chicken recipe, our apartment certainly smells like it!
  • How fun is this tiny collection of Gaga ensembles? The one wrapped in what looks like prosciutto… why do I think that’s cute? Is it because it’s just so teeeeeny?
  • You know Kyle is my second favorite housewife, and this article is mildly revealing… most importantly about her hair regime. If only I had known that I was brushing my hair the wrong way all of these years!

Mainly I just wish I was having a kick-ass joint birthday partay with Dukester this weekend!

Via Wendu Ink

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Be Still My Heart: Roma and My First Blog Crush!


Every time you mention this ROMA trip my heart starts to beat really fast and I feel all these emotions: intense excitement for you, a lot of longing, and just a pinch of jealous rage. I guess that makes me your bestie. I gleefully accept the challenge, but need to take my time with it and even use a few lifelines. Well, hmm, let me revise that. I will accept the challenge if and only if you visit the Spanish Steps with Jeff in a little outfit just like this:

Ok, as long as that's the agreement, stay tuned for many recommendations. In the meantime, I wanted to talk to you about another Renaissance... not the Roman one, but that of one of my first ever blog loves: The Sartorialist.

Way back in the day I thought that blogs were only online diaries where writers posted extremely long, anonymous passages about their inner most thoughts. While I am sure that this type of blog exists, it wasn't until I stumbled across The Sartorialist that I realized blogs could be visual, too. And then I had my first ever blog obsession.

Anyway, have you noticed that he is all the sudden ALL OVER THE PLACE? Well I have! I guess I shouldn't call it a Renaissance because there were never any dark ages, but still. Scott Schuman is having The Best Week(Month?) Ever. I am loving the inside look into his life...

First off, a friend of mine sent me this beautiful video. Its gorgeous AND you get to see "the approach" in action...something I've always wondered about:

I find him very really like-able in this. I really loved the part about the importance of the comments to his blog and the whole "park bench" idea:

Then, I see a graphic on Refinery 29 that makes me laugh out loud: "Oh Snap! Our Step-By-Step Guide To Getting Shot By The Sartorialist". Haha! Nick and I have definitely joked about this exact same thing!

Finally, the NY Magazine article this week about his relationship with fellow fashion blogger Garance Doré. Some parts of this I really liked, others I didn't (oh no she didn't just say he was her weight loss coach, did she?):
Via Photo by Graeme Mitchell

Would you vote with me that he is having the Best Week Ever? BTW: is that show still on? I loved it.

So what's your plan for the weekend? Our Dukester is having a bday for one!!! Yippee! I'm sneaking off to a snowy cabin with my girls from high school for some winter-y R&R and no doubt lots of laughing. What could be better?


Ps: I just saw on Daily Candy that Marimekko and Converse are working together. Excuse me for the randomness of this, but its not so often that two of our LOVES collaborate. Awesome!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011



The photos are seriously amazing. I think the new chair looks perfect on the more vintage rug, you gotta mix up the design eras and I think you guys nailed it. The new blanket looks sooooo warm and yummy. I can see why it's Nicky's new favorite place, an ideal spot to play XBox. I also happen to now be craving cupcakes and brushetta, an odd thing to say, but true nonetheless.

I forgot to mention one of my favorite purchases from Ikea this weekend. You know I've been weary of putting plastic in the microwave. But since I've been bringing leftovers to work a lot, it's been hard to avoid. So I invested (a whoppin' $2.99 each) in a new ceramic bowl and plate just for the office.
They look almost black in the photos but are actually a really deep purple and just lovely. Especially because they are like nothing I use at home. So now I get my Fargrik Hogst on and I'm a happy lady who lunches.

I also drink everyday out of my perfect mug from Anthropologie. Why perfect? Because it has a really wide base and is almost impossible to knock over, which I am prone to do. Mine of course has a giant Q on it. I bought it for myself after I spent 4 hours at the DMV changing my driver's license to my married name. 

In other news. I need your help. I have a mission for you should you choose to accept it. 

As you know, I'm headed to Rome next month for Familypalooza 2011! Whoop Whoop! I was fortunate enough to visit Rome when I was 18, but that seems like ages ago now and you studied abroad there for a whole semester. I need advice! Where to eat, where to shop, sights to see off the beaten path. HELP! We're also taking a side trip to Pompeii and the Amalfi Coast. Jefe and I have talked about buying some art while we're in Italy. Nothing fancy, but something to commemorate our trip. Any suggestions of what we should be looking for? I'm SO excited!


Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Photography 101


I thought the Grammy's were incredible! You are absolutely right...Janelle Monae is seriously gorgeous and I love the suits. It's like her face is so pretty she has to balance it out out with masculine clothing. Anyway, so many good performances! One of the many I enjoyed was the "Jolene" rendition by Norah, John and Keith (despite John Mayer blatantly reading the lyrics off the teleprompter!).

Um, yeah I still don't what to say about the egg. Stupidest thing ever? Incredibly awesome? I want someone else to decide for me. I did like the yoke outfits.

The curtains are beautiful! Light and airy but I feel the pattern gives your room a lovely extra layer/dimension! Also, I like the height you chose to hang the curtains. I struggle with that, and so I think I might just copy you on this one, mmkay? Also, I think you are doing a great job drawing the eye away from the AC unit with all the books. Here are some more ideas. I can totally see you wrapping it in pretty paper!

So this weekend Nick and I rented a lens for our camera from Adorama (surprisingly so cheap!). One of my goals for 2011 is to learn how to take photographs. For now, I won't tell you which ones I took and which ones Nick took... but check 'em out:

Top to Bottom:
  • Our new rocker and sheep blanket...aka Nick's new favorite place to sit in the apartment! (The blanket is from the "Need Creation King"). What do you think of the chair on our folksy area rug? Too much contrast?
  • Billy's Bakery cupcakes. I don't care if cupcakes are out. THESE. ARE. SO. GOOD.
  • Nick and I made homemade ravioli for Valentine's Day...
  • ...and brushetta!
It's so nice to have the time to learn a brand new skill and I've got so many ideas for photography -- it's almost overwhelming!


Ps- I re-watched "It's Complicated" this weekend. HAHA! It's really funny. Really funny. This is one of my favorite scenes! And, I want her house. That is all.

Pps- Happy Valentine's Day to you, too! Love you, Bestie!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Polka Dots!


LOVE the window displays and the RL video. It gave me chills! Only in NYC can you just stumble upon something like that on your way home from work. Insane. Also, it's too bad that BG book on window displays is SO expensive! Good Lord.

I have so many thoughts on the Grammys last night, but I could be sitting here all day. My major takeaway (and this is so random) is that I think Janelle Monae is maybe the prettiest woman on the planet.

Jiro Schneider
Four hours of performances, red carpet, Ryan Seacrest and that's what I walk away with. Also, I'm still processing the Gaga vessel.

In other news, Jefe and I went to Ikea this weekend and as is typical with my favorite Scandinavian retailer, we didn't walk away with everything we planned to (out of stock!) and we had loads of random things we didn't know we needed in our cart. Jefe calls Ikea the 'Need Creation King' and I can't disagree.

We did get these polka dot curtains I have wanted for a long time and hung them in the bedroom. I LOVE them. It really is amazing what some fabric around the windows can do to complete a room. We decided to go with the wire curtain rods, they are so inexpensive and super subtle. Here's the before and after.

What do you think? Sorry for the bad photos. My point and shoot Nikon and I can only do so much.

So not only do I love the curtains, but it turns out I've loved them for longer than I knew. Check out the hatch-mark pattern on the curtains next to the coasters I bought for our bedroom with you years ago in NYC. Weird.

Happy Valentine's Day!

PS... When Apartment Therapy does House Tours and asks people what their biggest embarrassment is, the one that always comes to mind for me is our window air conditioning units. They are so huge and ugly! HELP! Any suggestions of what I could do to minimize their presence?

Friday, February 11, 2011

My NYC Tradition: Walking Home


Wow, great article. I've never really read Architectural Digest--but I love Elle Decor, so why not? Also, it will make me feel far more superior when I carry it around airports!

So as you know, I love walking home from work for exercise. Usually I'm equipped with a cross-body purse, comfortable kicks and a lovely phone date! Sometimes, however, the walk feels long and I get bored, cold, and annoyed with tourists. This feeling is especially bad when NYC is covered in things like this. So. Gross. Anyway, no matter what, once I break through the crowds of Rockefeller Center, the sidewalks start to empty out as I near Central Park and my mood picks up. Its usually right around that time when I stop in my tracks and my jaw drops. That's right. Bergdorf Goodman window displays. They are so beautiful I have a collection of photos of them on my iphone that I was going to share, but instead I found way glossier photos online for your enjoyment! Here are some of my favorites:

These are up right now for Fashion Week:

Images via: 5th/58th

This one was my favorite from the 2010 Holiday Collection:

Image via: 5th/58th

Detail from my iphone collection:

This is from the 2008 holiday season -- always sticks in my mind as the first time I was really wow-ed by these windows: Creepy!

Image via:

Just so beautiful! And for some reason, they always catch me off guard! Kind of like the time Nick and I stumped across this incredible projection happening on the Ralph Lauren building during on our walk home last fall:

Sigh. if it weren't really, really expensive, I'd buy myself Bergdorf's catalog of the displays so I can look at these windows anytime I want!

So dear Deweese, what are you up to this weekend? Nick and I hope to visit The High Line and eat some very highly rated pizza!

Miss you,