Thursday, January 27, 2011

What if Anthropologie did Weddings?


What if Anthropologie did weddings? was the title of the email. Was I dreaming?  BHLDN is the new bridal line from Anthro we've been waiting for! And when I say waiting, I mean that I asked Jeff last year if we could postpone our nuptials until after the line was available. To my dismay, he declined. So here I am married, unjustly denied my longing for an Anthropologie wedding. Now, future brides will have no fear! BHLDN (still no idea what that stands for, I think it might be the trade name of the parent company?) will debut it's collection on February 14. I can't wait to devour it in jealousy!

PS... What do you think of the name? BHLDN? Do you think people will really call it that?

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