Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Weather Outside is Frightful!


DC hasn't had nearly as much snow as NYC this year, but the storm last night reminded me that I have zero snow appropriate footwear. My devoted pair of wellies kicked it during Snowmaggeden last year. I have Uggs which are deliciously warm, but not great when it's wet outside. Every girl I see walking to work has Hunter rainboots, which I love and would work for summer rain storms too. But they don't look very warm. I'm kinda diggin' these L.L. Bean boots.

Help! I need some New Hampshire native knowledge here!

Maybe I should just stay inside in my Restoration Hardware "Foot Duvets" I call them my "swoosh-swooshes" because of the sound they make when I'm walking around the apartment.

With love and wet feet,

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