Thursday, January 20, 2011

Walk the line

Hi D,

Yeah, um, your connection to J. Lawrence is quite possibly the closest I'll ever get to knowing a real celeb so I say we run with it. What's that you say..? you were actually best friends? you taught her how to ride a bike? no big deal.

Speaking of walking the fine lines of fashion... (and I agree she does it well), I often find that I am walking the line of city boho vs. craft fair grandma frump (is there a line there? -- maybe not so fine, but a wide stripe perhaps?). Anyway, my latest thrift find has had me feeling all sorts of sass and also firmly planted on the right side of the line:

Last Wednesday with gray tights and a black dress... Saturday night with skinny blue jeans and a cream bell-sleeved turtleneck... and today with wide leg jeans and pale pink blouse tucked in. I never want to take them off.

Scored at Angel Street Thrift Shop.


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