Friday, January 28, 2011

Smiling Through Snow

Hey D,

Too funny about those L.L. Bean boots -- just two days before your post, Nick and I were searching online for some new boots and spotted those and LOVED them! I think they are perfect for you because they will keep you supah warm (they'd be too warm for me!). And I think they are pretty gorgeous. Besides, with L.L. Bean you can't go wrong. If they wear out in 15 years, take them back for a full refund!

Hunters have been the go-to boot for everyone here for a couple of winters/rainy springs (even though I had one friend report to me that her pair LEAKS!). Anyway, have you seen the inserts? I think they help with the warmth problem and allow you to wear them all year.

Not surprisingly, I have issues with the price tag of Hunters. I've realized though that a good pair of wellies is definitely money well spent no matter the price! My new favorite pair is from Lands' End. I got them for Christmas and haven't taken them off since. They have a similar leg-slimming shape to Hunters, are about half the price, and also have a lifelong return policy:

We got 19 inches of snow in central park last week and are about to get more... believe it or not, these boots are seriously keeping me excited for each snowfall. Here is the rest of my guaranteed-to-smile-through-winter uniform (NH native approved):

  • Gap Circle Scarf (in gray). Best $24.50 I've spent in a long time. Doubles as a hat, face mask and the warmest, softest scarf I've ever owned. No longer available online (hence the amateur photo below), but I bet they will have them again next year.

  • Fingerless Gloves/Mittens. Keeps fingers warm and yet still easy access to Angry Birds on the subway platform. Phew!

Mine are black, but I'd love 'em in a fun color combo like these! Found here on Etsy.

  • Really, really thick tights can be warmer than leggings for some reason. Gotta say, Hue still makes a great thick tight. I've got them in 2 different grays (shocking), BRIGHT blue, and black. The key is to go a size up for better thickness/warmth (they wont be saggy, I promise!).

(sorry about this last picture, i just had to add it. there's something about displays/photography of tights that always makes me laugh... the whole body-less legs on tip-toe just are hilarious to me)

Stay warm, bestie!