Monday, January 31, 2011

Paloma Dissent


How was your weekend? How was the baby shower? I'm sure the banner was a hit! Send photos!

Weekend in DC was great. My parents are in town, as a bunch of family has come up for the Louisville v. Georgetown game tonight. D-Double-E and B-I-Double-L got in Saturday and we had a blast. We drove to Annapolis on Saturday to see Ms. Maguire's new place, which is gorgeous. It's in the historic part of town and we walked to a terrific restaurant on Main Street. I really do love Annapolis and need to visit more often, especially in warmer weather.

On Sunday we had brunch with Lil' Q and then stopped by Crate & Barrel. I showed Jeff and my Dad the side board I've been coveting and they HATED it. HATED. Jeff asked if we were moving to a lodge. All Lil' Q offered was: "Wouldn't it be really hard to dust?" Oye. What's funny is that I noticed the pattern in several other places throughout the day. Clearly I am on-point and Jeff and Dad lack any sort of vision. Right?

So, are you with the boys on this one, or do you think I'm on to something? You can tell me the truth. I can take it. I'll have to send you a photo of the awesome skirt I got on sale at Anthro too.

Thoughts on JLaw's SAG dress?

Jay L. Clendenin / Los Angeles Times