Thursday, November 4, 2010



I am so ready for the Holidays! I start thinking about it waay to soon--but I will say the red cups seem a little ahead of themselves! I think those tree cards are ADORABLE. How many do you have to make though? whoa. maybe only for the VIPs? Is that bad? I loved the red-nose reindeer from last(?) year? You might be swaying me toward the Paper Source. Your track record is pretty amazing, girl. Also, so glad you completed your thank-yous! That is HUGE.

So, I already have my spreadsheet in full swing and have presents on the mind. Here's what I am most excited about in terms of xmas:

  • Our very first real Christmas Tree! I always prefer homemade ornaments (and we have quite the ridiculous collection...think binder clips and hemp), but I have been eye-ing the handmade collection from West Elm:

  • Buying presents like this from Etsy (this would also be an awesome wedding gift I think...always on the brain):

  • Buying my first xmas present for our Goddaughter! Let's powwow... some ideas:

In other news, I got the Land's End "Canvas" catalog randomly in the mail today. Um, awesome? Like affordable jcrew basics? My shopping cart is full -- yikes!


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