Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Holiday Cards Already?


First of all, love your list. I'll keep my eyes peeled! Good tips on shopping too!

Starbucks already has their red holiday cups out. Oye! I was just dressed up as a donkey on Saturday for Halloween. We're already at red cups? I'm trying not to let this fact stress me out, but it did get my wheels spinning about the holidays. I also saw this holiday card linked from a blog and it made me laugh. How much does this look like me and Jefe!?

I was thinking that my Thanksgiving staycation would be a good time to get a start on the ole' holiday card front. I just finished (okay, I have a few more to go) our wedding thank you notes, do people really want to hear from us again?

We've talked about how photo cards aren't the answer for us. And you know I'll take any excuse to craft. I jumped on the Paper-Source website and found some cool ideas. Check out this list of 'recipes'. I think the 'Paper Collage Tree' is my favorite and would be fun to make. Thoughts?


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