Friday, October 22, 2010

oooh right, MOVIES! forgot about those.


Hilarious! I had just moved the September Issue to the top of my Netflix queue exactly one day before you sent this. Now I am even more excited that it has a good review from you! Also, I had no idea who Grace Coddington was, so I google image-ed her. And found these (among other things):

Joshua David McKenney

Totally strange. What's stranger is their resemblance to another fab duo I know. Self-absorbed xmas present to the Little Miss from her Fairy Godmothers?? Look! Little dollies that look just like us!!

Anyway, I've been soooo out of the loop when it comes to movies these days. Here's all I know:

Easy A is really funny. Especially the "Pocket Full of Sunshine" part.

Nic has been trying to describe Black Swan to me for weeks and I finally saw the trailer. Whoa. I'm a little scared ... but I gotta see this movie. We went to a talk with Darren Aronofsky last year... but I'm going to try and forget how annoying he is when watching this!

In case it rains this weekend, I got us Grey Gardens starring Drew Barrymore and Jessica Lange. However, I have a sinking feeling you've seen it...? If so, we'll just instant-play something else or watch the marathons of Mad Men, Modern Family, or Selling New York currently on my TiVo.

so excited to see you!

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