Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The List


You are going to LOVE The September Issue. Can't wait to hear what you think. We gotta get those dolls for Lil' Miss. It's just too hysterical.

I've heard that Easy A is pretty good, I'll have to check it out. I think the Black Swan previews looks really intriguing and scary, but I'm a little afraid of Aronofsky. Jefe said that Requiem for  Dream gave him nightmares for a week. And The Wrestler wasn't exactly uplifting. Maybe I'll let other people see it first.

So, I've been scouring Craig's List the past few weeks for a few things and have had no luck. I think I need to make a list of what I'm looking for and just check in every day/every other day. Do you ever have good Craig's List karma, or do you mostly stick to the thrift stores?

Here's my list:

Maybe I should start looking on eBay too? What's on your list?

I was thinking this weekend when you're in town we could hit up all the vintage stores around U Street. We can just follow the Design*Sponge guide. AND there is a new Room&Board on 14th that I have yet to visit. We can always stop at Ben's Chili Bowl before your bus ride back to NYC. Just your style!


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