Friday, October 29, 2010

Apartment List 1.0 (or maybe 1.5)

Miss D,

Ah, The List. Love yours. Especially the sewing table. Absolutely terrified of the length of my list! But before I get ahead of myself, let me answer your question about Craigslist...I would say its a combo of lots and lots of things. Here are my and NIC's apartment-furnishing resources in order of our success rate with them:

1. Our parents. We so far received a coffee table, desk, end table and enormous amount of vintage and not-so vintage table linens. sa-weet.

2. (almost a tie with 1) Housing Works. I have purchased everything from a silk dress I've worn to weddings to our kitchen table. We shop Upper East Side, Chelsea, Gramercy, Soho AND the Online Auction. I feel its all about frequency. We are in at least one of these locations at least twice a week. Turnover = massive.

3. Craiglist. I think its better for things that you already know you want but cant afford retail for. That way you know what you are getting before you are standing in some rando's apt. I feel the best time to look is on like Sunday nights/Mondays after people just cleaned our their garage. Remember that island-y thing that was in my old apartment? I posted it at noon a couple of sundays ago and someone picked it up for full price by like 2:30.

Also, I'm starting to look at Ebay for rugs! Is that gross? You can tell me.

Ok... so now on to my list. Its version 1.0 of what we need for the apt... or maybe 1.5 considering the new pieces already mentioned above.

  • Rug(s). Too many to list!

  • A non-wood sofa table. We are leaning toward this:
  • A full length mirror. I'd love to find something like this. Sigh.

Dreamy Whites eclectic family room

  • 100's of throw pillows to create something like this (Homegoods...come to NYC!):

  • A modern-ish desk chair to contrast our "rustic?" desk. Maybe in white or a fun color?

Phew. And that's just the beginning.

So good to see you this weekend.


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