Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Dear Readers,

First of all, thank you for being so patient with our prolonged absence since the holidays! It was nice to take a beat and be able to enjoy holiday festivities with friends and family.

On our holiday hiatus we also took some time to consider the future of 75th + Sedgwick. And we've decided that this is the end of the road for our lil' blog. We're closing the doors and moving on to whatever the next adventure holds.

Since October of 2010, we've poured our hearts, stories, passions and photos into this blog and we've received so much in return. You, our readers have thoughtfully come along for the ride, and we can't thank you enough. For your encouragement, ideas and Phone-A-Friends! We have enjoyed so much getting to know you better, learning from you and being inspired by you. We will miss our weekly interactions with you and hope we can continue them in other venues.

When we started 75th + Sedgwick, we were looking to add some creativity to our lives. Our jobs at the time weren't providing it, and we were both feeling the void. We decided to take matters into our own hands and this blog has been a creative adventure we'll never forget. I think we can both partially credit 75th + Sedgwick with our new careers at Apartment Therapy and bossy color. This space and your support has given us the confidence and ambition to follow dreams that we might not have otherwise pursued.

We will miss you but will forever treasure our time here at the corner of 75th and Sedgwick.


Monday, December 10, 2012


Hello Readers!

This post is brought to you by the color emerald green, Pantone 17-5641 to be exact. Emerald is 2013 Color of the Year!  Hope you like it because you're about to see a lot of it. I dig it, but will definitely miss Tangerine Tango from 2012... still a few weeks left!

Also want to let you know that we're taking a little holiday hiatus from 75th+Sedgwick. We'll be back in January to discuss more emeraldness, stay tuned!


Friday, December 7, 2012


Happy Friday, Deweese,

Sounds delish! I want to make more soups and/or things in the crockpot this year. Pinterest recipes overwhelm me, so this is great!

We had none other than Lil' Miss staying with us this past weekend. Before I continue can I just share how adorable she is and how big she is?!

I mean, really. That hat.

Whenever we have little ones in our apt I realize how NOT baby proof our living room is. This is perfectly ok and there is absolutely no reason to baby proof it (I promise, Mom), but it still gets me thinking that instead of just the calming colors, it might be time to refocus the living room for a little more comfort, too.  Our overall goal was and still is to create a retreat from the craziness outside of our apartment. The calm colors have done that but I'm starting think that needs to be equally matched by comfort to really achieve this retreat. Ok, so refresher, here's where we are right now:

I mean, you might want to nap there. But there's also a ton of hard edges. So, now take a look at this. So stylish AND soft/cozy!

Image via Emily Henderson, Photographer: Bonnie Tsang

That's a custom slipcover for the bottom of the couch. I love it. Makes the couch one-of-a-kind and creates an interesting tension between the modern lines of the couch and bohemian print. I'm a fan.

I'm really inspired by that room and ever since I saw it I've been thinking about accessories that might up the cozy factor. Here's what I've really liked so far:

No-so cliche leather pouf from Rugs USA

Throw with HUGE pom poms from Anthro. My boss bought this and I fell in love with it. You gotta see it in person.

Round basket to counteract all those straight lines.
That's it! Have a great weekend -- you should curl up under a blanket with some tea. Oh and for some more coziness, I always head to Honey and Jam.


Monday, December 3, 2012



I'm IMPRESSED! Bravo for getting all your shopping done AND signing up for Mint. Hooray! I'm so glad you like it. I love it SO much, and it really helps us live within our means, though December is always a wash!

Pretty funny you wrote about getting ahead of the game on holiday shopping, and I kept delaying writing this post to you! I had the best intentions, truly!

Also funny is that I wanted to write to you about how I too prepared ahead of time for something and it really paid off... but apparently I'm back to my natural state of procrastinating.

This past Friday Jeff and I hosted book club and since we both get off work around 6pm, I knew we wouldn't have time to come home and prepare food before everyone started arriving at 7pm. So in an uncommon wave of advance planning, I decided to make my favorite winter soup the night before. Because Jeff doesn't believe you can just serve people soup for dinner (grown men at least), we also served grilled cheese sandwiches with ham (made on Friday). I can't lie, it was delish and SO easy to prepare ahead of time, I even had time to take a shower before our guests arrived!

More stew than soup, it's uber flavorful and good for ya! Some tips... this recipe (below) makes way more than 4 servings. We served 8 people and still had leftovers for lunch on Saturday. I've also learned to substitute sweet potato for butternut squash because it takes too damn long to peel butternut squash, those ridges! While worth it, I find this recipe to be heavy on prep/chopping, so anything I can do to save some time (I'm not known for my knife skills), I'll do.

Jeff makes the grilled cheese in our house, it's a knack and one I haven't mastered. I asked the baker at our grocery store for a bread recommendation for grilled cheese and she pointed me to a lovely loaf of Pain au Levain. I don't know jack about bread except that I love it, and this definitely fit the bill. We added cheddar, swiss and some black forest ham... done and done!


It was a hit... or everyone was lying. But I liked it and whole heartedly recommend. Our guests brought some amazing apps and treats, too. I'll have to get those recipes to share as well. Jeff and I are still enjoying some spicy peanut brittle!

You'll also appreciate that as I was ironing napkins on Thursday night, Jeff said "Let's just use paper napkins, you don't have to iron all those". My response: "Jeff, I blogged about it, our readers are expecting cloth napkins, we can't go back now!"



PPS... We read The Devil in the White City for book club. We all agreed it was an interesting story, mixed reviews on style. I thought it was fascinating and also loved Erik Larson's In the Garden of Beasts.

Friday, November 30, 2012



Your table setting is gorgeous!! Congratulations on a Thanksgiving VERY well done. I'm so impressed and also thrilled you got to use your china.

The big news in our house is that Nick and I just finished our holiday shopping. Yup, that's right. No last minute stressin' over here! It feels great and was actually easy and fun. Almost my entire family has a birthday in November, December, or January, so these times can be a little hectic in terms of gift giving. But I've got it down to a science!

The first thing we do is update our shared google spreadsheet that shows us what we got for everyone last year. We also use this to create a budget. It might seem kinda crazy/geeky, but all it takes is the sinking feeling of one forgotten birthday to let the nerd factor disappear and to forever rely heavily on the power of a spreadsheet.

This year, we didn't just budget on the spreadsheet...we also budgeted via! That's right, Deweese, Nick and I took your advice and recently signed up. It's awesome! Thanks for pointing us to this site. (Readers: learn more about mint right here).

Feeling organized, we pulled out the credit card. Without giving anything away, we did a lot of shopping online. Earlier this year, Nick and I signed up for Amazon Prime (aka that thing where you pay $80/year for free Amazon shipping on Prime products...which ends up being most products we want to buy). The "free" shipping allows us to buy gifts when it's convenient without always worrying about combining everything under one shipment or waiting for free shipping deals. I also had many things shipped directly to our parents' houses.

Finally, wrapping! I know some people find wrapping silly...but the minor crafter in me LOVES it. I seriously look forward to the one night a year where I watch a holiday movie, pull out all the wrapping, sit on the floor and wrap all the presents. I can't explain why I love this so much but I do.

This year I purchased a HUGE roll of craft paper and some baker's twine. I'm going to use regular white card stock to make gift tags in the shape of snowflakes. Pretty simple and affordable!

One trick that works for me is to wrap things in boxes and without any bows. This allows me to wrap ahead of time and pack them by stacking them together. The boxes look fresh under the tree no matter how long they had to travel to get there! Here's an example of what I did in a previous year:

Simple, packable, and finished upon arrival. No tissue paper to fluff up or bow to retie.

So, what are your gift giving tricks? Also, click the link to read about Deweese's oh-so inspiring small business holiday pledge last year!

Good tidings,

PS: Mint or Amazon Prime did not sponsor this post or any post on 75th + Sedgwick! I just actually really like these tools. And when you really like them, it can be hard to not sound like a commercial!

Wednesday, November 28, 2012


Hello Blythe!

What a magical time to be in NYC. I remember you taking me to see the store windows and being so impressed. I take it your not going to Rockefeller Center to watch the tree lighting tonight?

So glad you had a good Thanksgiving! Nice to go to Florida in November. I loved visiting my brother in Tampa for Thanksgiving a few times... the weather! We had a great time here in DC. The turkey on the pie btw is a from a cookie cutter my Mother-in-Law brought with her, she's pretty clever.

Remember when I wrote you about dressing the table for Thanksgiving? I ended up not spending that much time preparing, I knew I could take it to the extreme and really go overboard, so I didn't even think about it until a few days before. My Mom and Jeff's Mom helped me pick some things out at World Market, we got some flowers and used some large votive candles we already had and that was it!

I was really in love with this photo from the previous post, so that's what I tried to immulate. Though, while I love tall tappered candles, I prefer a lower setting, so you can see everyone's face at a big table.

And here's our version...

From World Market we purchased a large spring green table cloth, orange ramekins (we filled with candles from Ikea) and gold etched votives similar to the picture below. We added bunches of orange tulips to wine glasses that we already had and I threw on some scented pine cones I picked up at Whole Foods. We also used our wedding china for the first time which was just as amazing as I imaged. So fancy! Unfortunately I didn't take any good shots with all the candles lit!

This is Jeff's first turkey (25 lbs). It was amazing, he did a terrific job!

Remember the shower we threw for my cousin Anna? This is her little one Abby!

Baby Abby with her new cousin, Baby Luke! My cousin Lil' Q on the left, and her Mom, my Aunt Bridgette, on the right.
The whole gang!

Gobble gobble,

Monday, November 26, 2012


Hi Deweese!

Hope you (and everyone else) had a great Thanksgiving! Several people asked me about that turkey you added to your pie. Was it a cookie cutter? So cute!

Nick and I got home just last night after visiting his Grandma in Florida! Nick's whole family was there to introduce our new nephew to his Grandma -- aka her first great grandchild. What an incredible moment!

The minute we came back we noticed something...Christmas has arrived in NYC. Despite the crowds, I love this time so, so much. It reminds me of coming here as a little girl with my family all dressed up.

Here's a quick list of my favorite things. They aren't very unique, but the Holidays are about coming together, right?
  • Packs of kids on the subway in mittens and hats just giddy having just seen their first show
  • Buying a Christmas tree on the sidewalk
  • Smell of chestnuts roasting on the sidewalk...but NOT the taste (turns out, they are pretty gross)
  • Visiting Rockefeller Center (just once) 
  • Walking around the shops at Bryant Park
  • The NYMag Gift Guide
  • And far away my favorite thing...the windows at Bergdorf
 What are your favorites?


PS: Happy Cyber Monday!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Gobble Gobble!


Love your fall photos! Thanks for sharing. I love instagram too, but definitely need to use it more. Thanks for the inspiration. Also, I'll never see a candy corn and not think of you and Dukester :-)

Things here in DC are gettin' festive! My parents and Jeff's parents are in town and we're cooking up a storm (ok, I'm doing the dishes). We also hit up World Market today for some last minute table decor. I hope it turns out!

This is what's happening this very minute...

A little turkey appeared on the apple pie!

And my Mother and Father-in-Law are reading the paper together.

Pretty thankful for just about everything right now.

Happy Thanksgiving Eve,

Monday, November 19, 2012


Hi Deweese,

Can you believe it's almost Thanksgiving? I can't. It really snuck up on me! It feels like time is moving so fast lately and it makes me feel pretty frazzled. I'd like to hold on to fall a little longer, but I know that as soon Thanksgiving comes and goes its all over. I love the fall. The air feels so crisp and clean after summer's haze and it is so wonderful to be outside and not be too hot or too cold. The best.

I had a great fall and I thought one way to hold on to it is to share some of my instagram photos with you. I thought by now I'd be over instagram but I can honestly say it is my favorite social media. I just never get sick of it and love checking it throughout the day! So please indulge me as I attempt to slow down the clock and dream of candy corn, cider, slippers and pie.


PS: Doesn't this look like the perfect transitional jacket?

Friday, November 16, 2012


Happy Friday Readers!

We've got more exciting Phone-A-Friend news for you. Deweese's brother-in-law's girlfriend (we think of her as a sister-in-law) is looking for a new bed. And we agree with her that having a real bed, complete with a head board is oh so adult.  Here's her note to us...

Hi ladies!

I have finally reached my breaking point with our awful bedroom decor and am in need of some guidance. I figured, who better to ask then you girls! Tim and I still have a lot of that mixed-matched furniture from when we first moved in together and it has been way too long without a bed frame. So, I have decided to start saving for one! Although our current bedroom furniture will most likely not join Tim and I at our next place (which will hopefully be our first home!); I still want to buy a bed that will. So now, the difficult part... how do we choose a bed that will do the following:

1. Match different styles of furntiture, because who knows what we will end up purchasing for a bedroom set years from now.

2. Be trendy and stylish now and will stay in trend as styles change over the years.
3. Satisfy both my super feminine and shabby chic style and Tim's bold and modern style.
4. Not be limited to only a few color schemes (i.e. wall color, bedding etc.) - Do I go with light or dark, since I will most likely have dark furniture?

My ideal bedroom is to have the bed be the focus point of the room. I want it to look rich and elegant. The thing is, I love so many different styles that it's hard for me to know which one I will decide to go with when Tim and I finally purchase our adult furniture! I enjoy eclectic pieces, however, I am not great at putting pieces from different styles together in a complimenting way.

I have found myself being drawn to larger tufted headboards, the beige colored upholstered frames, dark wood sleigh beds, and although I have not found the right one, I have always loved cast iron beds. I just have no idea which direction to go in! Please help!

Thanks so much!


To Amanda, we say: Right On! This is a challenge a lot of us face, and it's not easy! Blending not only your feminine style with Tim's more modern style and also blending your post-college/early 20s furniture with more adult furniture can be wicked hard.

For instance, if Deweese and Jeff didn't live together, she would totally have this bed, probably upholstered in something lovely and floral and pink. But alas, they do live together (for loads of wonderful reasons) and have no bed at all, just a metal frame.

Layla Grace Eloquence Sophia Upholstered Bed Antique White

Keep in mind: It's way okay to mix different styles and finishes in one room. Mix and match you're furniture to have a more collected and authentically "you" look. Buy pieces that make you happy, and they will end up working together. Promise. We know it's easier said than done, but when you're surrounded by pieces you love, instead of pieces you're trying to match, you'll love the result.

However, we DO agree that it's a good idea to stay neutral on the bed for now, especially with upholstery, it's so easy to change bedding and/or wall color and give the room a whole new look. You can even change your bedding with the seasons, we learned that from Dukester!

This may not be your color palette, but it's a nice example of an upholstered bed, blending masculine and feminine. The color palette of browns and reds is super HIM, but the prints and patterns are more delicate and soft, not to mention the curvy headboard: very HER. Notice the miss-matched side tables.

Again, curvy and feminine shape on the headboard, but masculine color palette. So very harmonious. And again, the tables.

Here's our first choice for you, an upholstered wing-back bed from Room + Board. Super sophisticated, but also a little masculine, think wing back chairs in a library or study.

Room & Board Marlo Storage Bed

We also like these wing back versions from Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams and Restoration Hardware.

And you can't go wrong with a simple square tufted headboard. 

MGBW Butler Bed

You can find upholstered headboards in every shape and at every price point. There are loads of fabric options, too. Try Ballard Designs, One Kings Lane and Overstock for a more pocketbook friendly approach. And definitely consider a leather bed. See Blythe's headboard here, with lovely and delicate white accents in the bedding.

You also mentioned liking iron beds, and we have some thoughts on that. When Deweese thinks of iron beds, something like the below usually comes to mind. Which is well, just a little too Cider House Rules for us (Read: Orphanage).
C&B Scholar Bed
And while we love iron canopy beds, they are a bit femmy. Something tells us Tim isn't going to be dreaming of a Pats Super Bowl under this.

Layla Grace Cecile Iron Canopy Bed
But THIS is a great alternative. Nice bold clean lines for Tim, and a lovely canopy bed for you. You have to have a big enough bedroom for this, but it's supah classy.

Room & Board Architecture Bed

A bonus, both upholstered and iron beds will work with any and all wood stains, so you won't be limited as you start to collect more bedroom furniture.

Final tip: Get something you love right now, even if you're afraid you're not going to love it in 10 years. Odds are you're not going to be spending your last days on earth in this bed.  We hear this advice a lot from designers and bloggers... it's easy to get bogged down by making sure something lasts style-wise, but make sure you're not a slave to that notion. This is a piece of furniture you're going to spend a LOT of time in, make sure you love it now. Don't spend 10 years kind of liking it, only to replace it anyway.

Keep us posted!